Creative Lamps

On this page, you will find some creative lamps designed mainly for my own house, friends, and family.
If you plan to make a lamp like the one below, please get in touch if you want tips and tricks.

Urban Jungle Lamp

In addition to the Urban Jungle style, I created this urban jungle lamp, and this lamp fits perfectly at home. Beautiful branch mounted on a ceiling plate, green cables come from inside and go around the branch to the green fitting. The lamp contains three different filament light sources.

Racing Bike Wheel Lamp

A unique race bike wheel lamp, a must-have for cycling enthusiasts. With an asphalted foot.

Trundle Gear Lamp, part of a Mill

Unique trundle gear lamp designed and made in collaboration with Molenmakersbedrijf Berkhof.
A trundle gear in a mill inspires the lamp; see the photo.
It can hardly be otherwise than that this is the only trundle gear lamp in the world.
The woodwork was made entirely by Molenmakersbedrijf Berkhof; the fittings, the 27(!) de Lampenman installed the LED lamps and the electricity. A great collaboration has led to the most impressive light I've made.

Tri-Ang Tow Truck Lamp

This tow truck must have been played with a lot in the past 50 years, reflected in the vintage condition. Now converted into an attractive unique lamp for a children's room. This way, after 50 years of playing, he can now quietly enjoy his retirement as a beautiful lamp.

Citroën Headlight Lamp

On request, I created this lamp from a Citroen headlight and placed it on a minimalist photo tripod.