Jieldé was designed and produced by Jean-Louis Domecq in the 1950s. He started thinking about a solution because he was frustrated about the existing machine work lamps where the cords broke every time. Jean-Louis Domecq owned a factory and designed a light 

without wiring at the hinge points. In addition, this lamp also had adjustable arms and an adjustable shade. The result was such a great success that he later put it into production and started selling it. These lamps are still produced and sold to this day.

It is exceptional that 70 years later, little has changed in the design of this lamp; as far as I know, no other lamp can compete with this.

During the restoration of my lamps, I am illuminated by the two Jieldé lamps below, presumably both from the 1960s.

Gallery of Jieldé 


A very rare and unique Jieldé, the Flurex, was not produced in France but Switzerland.
These are the only old Jieldes that are also dated; this one is dated 11/69. The switch is also on the hood.
The two arms also have different lengths. And this lamp comes with an extra coupling, which makes it highly flexible.


When buying Jieldé lamps, pay close attention to originality and authenticity. Individual plates are sold in the trade, sometimes tampered on younger models.

On the following Dutch website, you can find much more information about the functioning and history of Jieldé