Curt Fischer's well-known Midgard brand has been producing factory lamps since 1919 and is still active as a lighting manufacturer more than 100 years later.

Curt Fischer (1890-1956) was a designer and engineer. He was one of the first to design work lights with directional lighting. Fischer was an engineer for the machine factory Industriewerk Auma (IWA), which initially produced machines for the production of porcelain. In 1919 Curt Fischer took over this factory. Until 1920, only static lighting and wall or ceiling fixtures were available. Curt Fischer saw the need for direct lighting and designed a scissor lamp for the IWA factory so that lighting could be placed where desired.



It was a success, and Curt Fischer designed and produced several other models. By 1925 Curt Fischer had developed and made seven different models. In 1927 this number had already grown to 20 different models.

After the death of Curt Fischer, his son Wolfgang Fischer took over the business and continued production until the 1960s. In 1972 Midgard was taken over by VEB industrieleuchtenbau Auma, and the lamps were also marked with VEB.

After the Berlin wall's fall, VEB was privatized, and Wolfgang Fischer returned to the lead of Midgard; the name also returned to the lamps. In these years, Midgard has produced many desk lamps. In 2015 Midgard was taken over by David Einsiedler and Joke Rasch, the machines were moved and modernized, and from 2017 they made three classic Midgard lamps.


Below you will find some Midgard lamps that I have restored. These come from an East German factory; these are removed from the machines in 2020. More will be online soon