The SIS-Licht brand has been active in workshop lighting since 1924 and is still active today. SIS-Licht was founded by Karl Lang senior and his son Erich Lang in Schweinfurt, Germany. They specialized in portable work lighting.

The company was initially called Sirius, named after the bright star Sirius. This name changed to SIS-Licht; SIS is the abbreviation of Sirius in Schweinfurt.

Gradually, the company successfully expanded with scissor lamps, table lamps, and telephone carriers.

In the 1970s, Erich Lang's sons continued the business, Heinz Lang and Karl Lang. In 2000 Stefan Lang took over the company and was the fourth generation in this unique family business.

They are now a leading manufacturer of technical lighting for industry, healthcare, office, and dentistry.

Model 90

The workshop lamp below is a beautiful characteristic SIS-Licht in good condition. The arm is flexible and can go in many directions. There is a workbench clamp on this lamp. The recess on the hood is for a fitting where the switch is on the fitting. Unfortunately, it had perished.


I inquired at SIS-Licht, and it is model 90, from 1950-1955, in a Reseda green color. See also the original image from the catalog.

Scissor working light

Below an old scissor lamp from SIS, the range of these scissor lamps is excellent; they can be pulled out a meter and rotated 180 degrees.